New ingredients, formats and benefits are shaping the sports and active nutrition industry, and now is an opportune time for new companies in the sector that are seeking to move forward with their business plans.

NutraIngredients were on the hunt for three entrepreneurial start-ups who are shaping the industry and we’re pleased to reveal the winners who presented at Sports & Active Nutrition Summit Europe 2022 in Amsterdam.

Fitporn® is working hard to revolutionise the #foodporn industry. By focusing exclusively on innovative products, they create the perfect food product to maximise their clients’ well-being and enhance their wellness lifestyle without giving up on flavour. Healthy food, looking good.

HMN24 is a brand built around the need for 24-hour human performance, one in which mental and emotional wellness is just as important as the physical: all synergistic, all needing to be optimised for us to be at our very best. This is supported by a holistic educational narrative and a range of expertly designed nutritional supplements designed to work with and support daily our 24-hour chronobiology.

Pura Collagen is an award-winning, British collagen solutions company. Their products are scientifically formulated, independently tested, and clinically proven to support your body through collagen degrading conditions related to age and day to day concerns such as lack of sleep, joint health, menopause and immunity. Each daily serving provides the optimum amount of collagen stimulation your body requires to maintain good health. Pure. Proven. Positive.