We are busy finalising the 2022 programme.

In the meantime, take a look at the key topics we will be exploring at the Sports & Active Nutrition Summit.

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Performance Health

Performance health is an ongoing concern for active individuals, and remains high on the agenda at this year’s summit. Our experts will delve into how this can be supported and which ingredients are providing immunity, as well as showing potential in aiding gut, brain and joint health.

The Growing Opportunity of E-sports and Cognitive Function 

E-sports is now firmly established as a sporting category, with cognitive ability growing in significance among players. So how can brain function be enhanced for ultimate performance in a digital age? In this session you’ll find out how gamers can achieve notable cognitive health benefits.

Performance & Recovery

So many factors can impact both performance and recovery, both of which are recognised as of equal importance for active individuals. Hear from the experts about how the effects of sleep, mind and mood can be controlled for ultimate results. 

Female Athlete 

Female athletes face a plethora of challenges that vary widely from those of their male counterparts. What are the burning issues they are currently dealing with? Presentations will take attendees through how the industry can help address these issues.

State of the Nation

What’s happening in the market and how is sports nutrition changing? What does the data show? During this session we will be detailing the challenges and opportunities facing the industry, both now and in the immediate future.

Download the early advanced programme here